Friday, November 27, 2009

Starting a new CCR Trimix class tomorrow

I'll be teaching a new CCR Trimix class starting tomorrow morning.  Should be lots of fun!  These guys are experienced CCR divers and very experienced OC divers, so we should have a good time.  Dive #1 will be a shallow dive to access skills and work on some specific drills.  People always ask why we are doing this drill or that drill and most of the time, there are specific skills to be learned by working on the various drills.  At this level of dive training, there is also an expectation that students will be able to calmly deal with not only single failures or emergencies, but also with multiple cascading situations that will test students ability to calmly and methodically deal with problems underwater.

We will work on gas planning, teamwork, emergency scenarios, equipment configurations, gas physiology,  decompression theory, dive planning, dive tables, dive computers and unit specific issues for their individual CCRs with regards to trimix diving.

Should be a challenging yet enjoyable experience for both me as well as the students.

I always enjoy teaching this upper level classes, because more often than not the students come prepared and eager to learn.  (If not, they get sent away until they are eager to learn!)

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