Sunday, November 8, 2009

I just finished up 2 days at DEMA and then 2 days cave diving in Cave Country (North Central Florida).

Had a fun time at DEMA catching up with friends and checking out the latest and the greatest dive equipment and drooling over new locations for future dive trips!  We saw lots of CCR stuff (rebreathers) and probably the most exciting unit is the new Hammerhead Extreme with lots of new features including new electronics that will allow for downloading via bluetooth individual dive data.  The screen size is also almost double the size and should make it much easier to read.  It will also make it possible to update the software via the internet.  Easier quick connections of all of the hoses, a smaller more streamlined BOV,  a very cool O2 sensor holder that allows users to remove the O2 sensor module much more easily than previously.  These new updates will make an already great unit absolutely fantastic!

The other cool CCR update at the show is the Sentinel's CO2 sensor and electronics.  This is quite possibly the worlds first really true to life functioning CO2 sensor that is actually currently available.  Exciting stuff!

The Apoc was there, but it is really difficult to tell if it is actually a production model or just a prototype.  Time will tell.

While diving at Peacock Springs with Mike Robinson, we ran into Jakub from Golemgear.  He was diving a very cool sidemounted Hammerhead, that he had designed and built.  It uses a spherical O2 tank that is housed in an extended tube that connects to the bottom of the Hammerhead canister.   I saw Jakub swimming underwater with it and it looked very streamlined and I think it will pretty much go anywhere that an OC sidemount diver can go.  Pretty cool design!

Mike and I did a dive at Peacock, Little River and Orange Grove.  We were diving OC sidemount.  (Didn't have time or space this trip to haul along the CCRs, but it was a blast none the less)  We crawled into some very tight nasty little spaces and had a lot of fun working on our sidemount skills!  We stayed at my place in Ft. White and were able to do a little work on the yard and house.  

Gotta love Cave Country!  Very relaxed and laid back!  Just what the doctor ordered!

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