Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here I sit in the Crown Room at LAX on my way home from wreck diving in San Diego.  I was teaching an Advanced Wreck diving class for Rick Heil.  Joshua and Michael were also diving with us.  Josh, Michael and myself were on our Hammerhead CCRs and Rick was diving a set of steel 95s with a ali 40 of deco gas.

We had a blast.  We dove on Friday on the Lois Ann which was alright, but slightly crowded.  On Saturday we dove on the Humboldt which was MUCH nicer and had lots of room and great amenities - nice dive ladders, hot shower, hot food, plenty of bench space and dive masters that were very tech savvy.  They made the diving a real pleasure.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Humboldt to anyone diving in San Diego.  (Waterhorse Charters

Over the two days, we did 4 dives on the Yukon and 2 on the Ruby E.  Lots of space on both boats to do penetration and although not technically difficult, it is just challenging enough to offer the students a realistic wreck diving experience.  ( at least it is realistic enough to demonstrate and let them experience some wreck penetration skills.  I think Rick will agree that the location and course material was challenging as well as fun.   We also dove with Doug and Marc from San Diego which was a pleasure. Doug was on a Hammerhead and Marc was on a Hammermeg.  ( a Meg with Hammerhead electronics)

The Hammerheads worked flawlessly and we had a great time working on skills and exploring these wrecks.  We will be back again to use both of these wrecks for future classes!  Had a great time!

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