Friday, June 15, 2012

Is CCR diving less expensive than open circuit?

I have a lot of divers ask me if CCR is appropriate for them.  Aside from the many benefits of CCR, ie. no bubbles, better underwater life interaction, warmer dives, improved decompression efficiency, longer bottom times, better streamlining, less weight, there is also one major advantage to CCRs over OC when doing deep Trimix Dives - PRICE!!!!

When doing deep technical dives, CCR really starts to shine with regards to expense especially when doing multiple dives.  Can you imagine refilling all of these tanks between each dive with expensive helium based mixes and O2 based deco mixes.  A typical 3 man deep team, can easily carry and use several hundred dollars worth of gases on each and every 100 meter plus dive, quickly making this a rich man's sport!

Although the initial investment in CCR diving can be steep - anywhere from $5000 to $15,000 depending on the unit, plus training expenses, over time the CCR will pay for itself several times over with gas saving alone!

These tanks shown above are simply bailout tanks for the team, and were only filled once and used over multiple days for 14 deep dives.  The savings were exponential in comparison with what an OC diver would have spent!  Better efficiency, comfort and cost savings to boot!

What's not to like!

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