Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dive Addicts in Cozumel

Just returned from a great week of diving in Cozumel with 28 divers from Dive Addicts,

Even though this was just a recreational open water dive trip, we had a great time!   We stayed at the Fiesta American, and all-inclusive resort located on the South end of town.  The in-house dive operation, Dive House, did a great job, and we were very satisfied with the service and the level of the dive operation.  The boats were large, spacious and comfortable with a covered roof for those of us that wanted a little protection from the sun. 

The rooms were nice at the resort and the facilities were more than adequate.  The large swimming pool was great for after diving relaxation, and the meals were pretty good as well. 

The only complaint I really had during the week was the stinking mosquitoes!  They were out in mass, and I came home with 53 mosquito bites that were just driving me crazy! 

The diving was typical Cozumel drift style, with all dives being led by very competent dive masters.  Of course, the beautiful walls and swim-throughs are always spectacular, and the underwater life was as good as I have ever seen it in Cozumel.  I’m assuming that due to the currents, the fish and crustaceans grow to bigger than normal size.  It seemed like almost every species we saw was enormous!  

On our last dive of the trip, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of minutes with a giant Loggerhead turtle, which was the largest turtle I have ever seen underwater!  It’s head was at least 12 inches across if not larger and its shell was at least 5 feet long or longer.  It must have been very old, as its back was encrusted with barnacles and marine growth.  The turtle must have been near blind as it kept swimming and bumping into us! 

Great trip.  Cozumel as usual was pretty decent diving!  Easy to get to, and the price tag for the week was less than a thousand dollars including lodging, food and diving.  Not bad!  

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