Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cave Country right after Christmas

Josh, Michael and I spent 8 days in Cave Country at our house in Ft. White, Florida starting the day after Christmas this year.  We were working on a CCR Cave Instructor course with Phil Short from the UK.

I had an absolutely wonderful time!  Diving anytime with my boys is a great experience, but also being challenged both physically and mentally, made for memorable experiences!  I saw parts of Ginnie Springs that I had never been in previously, including a beautiful little syphon that was absolutely gorgeous!  We did the Grand Traverse from Orange Grove to Peacock 1, several long traverses in Ginnie, and had a good long swim in Little River.  Over all, we spent about 20 hours underwater that week, and really had a great time!

As usual, Phil puts on a very demanding course and I went to bed each night dead dog tired!  Of course, I always enjoy diving with my boys and we had some very memorable experiences.  8 straight days of fairly aggressive cave diving, and I was about ready for a day or so rest!  At least I was pretty much able to keep up with them.  The old man hasn't completely lost it just yet!

By the way, did I mention that it was stinking cold?  It was only 18 degrees the first night we arrived!

I'm looking forward to getting back down there again in April for some more cave diving!

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