Monday, January 18, 2010

Trimming out my Hammerhead

I spent a couple of hours in the pool today tweaking my Hammerhead CCR setup so that I was happier with my trim for cave diving.  I have just recently started using the Golemgear sidemount bungee in conjunction with the GG buttplate.  I have been using the buttplate for years, but have always used Dive Rite bungees.  The GG bungees are a little different and cause the tanks to ride a little farther down my body.  

I really like where the tanks ride now, but it causes my trim to be a little butt heavy, so thus the time I spent in the pool today.  I think I have about got it where I need it now, but I won't know for sure until I try it with a wetsuit and then a drysuit.  

I like the GG bungees because the tanks don't clutter up my chest like the ones I was previously using.  I have to reach a little farther for the bailout regs, gauges and valve knobs, but it is way more comfortable!  I really do like it.  I'm sure once I get the trim dialed in, I will be completely happy!  (that is until I find another new option! )  Seems like there is always something to tweak when it comes to diving CCR, but I think that is half of the fun - messing around with this stuff!

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