Sunday, December 20, 2009

Diving in Thailand

Gwen and I are currently sitting in the Minneapolis airport, waiting for our connecting flight back to Salt Lake City.  We left Phuket Thailand about 30 hours ago and we still have another 6 hours before we will be home!  Wow, really a long trip!

We had a great time in Thailand.  The trip was to celebrate our 30th anniversary and was not a dedicated dive trip, although we did dive a couple of days.  I didn't take my CCR with me, because it was a long way to travel and since we were only diving for a couple of days, I thought we would keep it simple with our recreational OC gear.

We dove at a couple of locations.  The first day was called Phi Phi (pronounced "Pee Pee")  The diving was very easy going and quite good.  We saw lots of Leopard sharks and some very cool large Jelly Fish. We also saw a Mandarin Shrimp that just sat out of its hole and let us inspect him as long as we would like.    The biggest downside to the diving was that the dive operation was very into baby sitting the divers and we had a nervous Nelly dive master that was hovering around us the entire time.  Additionally, it was a 14 hour day to get from the hotel, take a 3 hour boat ride each way, do the dives and then get back home.  Not sure it would be worth doing day trips in Phuket area multiple days in a row.

The 2nd dive day was at the Similan Islands.  The viz was much better, but the animal life was a little lacking compared to Phi Phi.  Similan is supposed to be rated in the top 10 world wide by many people, but like most rankings, I was underwhelmed.  The diving was alright, but not spectacular.  Both dives were drift diving in a pretty ripping current.  The top side scenery was spectacular and I'm glad that we made both trips.  I does rub me the wrong way when the dive masters are constantly asking you what your remaining pressure is.  I would hope by this stage in my diving career, I am capable of keeping track of my own gas consumption!  Oh well, that's what you get when you dive with Thai Cattle Boats!  We had a good time none the less!

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