Sunday, September 20, 2009

August 2009 - Florida Cave Diving Trip

Peacock Springs is one of the most beautiful sites in Cave Country. The cave goes for thousands of feet and
makes for hours of wonderful dives.
Now a State Park, it has great facilities for cave divers. We dove at Peacock over two different days. Great time!

My son in law, Scott Olcott was with us doing his Cavern and Intro to Cav
e training. Notice the big smile on his face since he passed his class!

Scott gearing up at Peacock after he completed his class!

Amy Smith and Matt Mimnaugh spent the week diving with us. Amy was on side mount all week and Matt was on back mount.

Josh, Michael and I gearing up with our Hammerheads at Little River. LR is one of my favorite caves in North Central Florida. The flow was down a little bit due to the floods the previous 2 months, so the viz wasn't quite as good as normal, but none the less the dive was fantastic!
We did approximately a 2 hour dive. Gotta love cave diving on CCR!

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